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It is a key factor in communicating effectively to know and identify who your audience are (COMM11003 Wk4 video). An audience can vary in many different ways but for communication to exist there needs to be more than one person involved. To communicate effectively it is important to understand context in relation to the audience. Context in relation to the audience identifies how the audience will receive the message in different ways. This requires knowledge of circumstances relating to the audience that may alter or influence the way in which the communicator will converse. Factors such as culture, age, time and group size are just some of the many things that need to be taken in to consideration when communicating effectively with an audience. There will always be context in any communication (COMM11003 Wk2 lesson). The communicator must research whom they will be communicating with prior to any meeting or event. They should learn as much about the audience as they can through any means available. Examples of this can be done by researching an organisations web page to learn more about a business or talk to people who know the audience (Ricci, T 2012). This will allow the communicator to target the message accordingly to achieve a positive outcome.

Figure 1 – Identify audience                                   Source –

The size of an audience will adjust the way we communicate. When communicating with a small audience of one person it is known as narrowcasting and when there is two or more people it is considered broadcasting (Barasch et al 2014, p. 286). According to Berger 2013 cited in Barasch & Berger (2014, p. 287), when broadcasting, communicators are more likely to present themselves in a more positive light to promote self presentation and avoid the audience to see them in an unfavourable light.



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